Anti-Static Flooring

Topcoat 2000 AS

Topcoat 2000 AS is a high performance antistatic 100% solids 2 component, Epoxy floor coating. Topcoat 2000 AS provides a hard wearing floor finish for use in industrial and commercial premises where a high quality floor and protection against damage caused by the build up of static electricity is required.   anti static

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  Applications: Electronic assembly areas, Chemical production areas, Factories, Warehouses, Chemical plants, Workshops, Surface Preparation: The surface should be free of grease, fat, laitance, loose materials, dust and release agents. These contaminants may be removed by washing with an industrial detergent followed by dust free shot blasting or diamond grinding. Benefits: Antistatic Seamless finish Easy to clean and maintain Abrasion resistant Electrical Properties: Conforms to BS ISO 2878:2011 Electrical Resistance Max 3x108 Ohms   Substrate Requirements: Concrete or substrate should be a minimum of 25N/mm2, free from laitance, dust and other contamination. The substrate should be dry to 75% RH as per BS 8204 and free from rising damp and ground water pressure. If no damp proof membrane is present D-Proof DPM can be used. Technical Information: Product Components Topcoat 2000

  • Solids content – 100%
  • Product is solvent free
  • Mix ratio – 4:1 by weight
  • Pot Life – 25 mins @ 200C
  • Cure Time – 8 hrs @ 200C

Standard Colours

  • Gunmetal Grey – RAL 7040
  • Tile Red – RAL 3009
  • Battleship Grey – RAL 7031

Non Standard Colours

  • Leaf Green – RAL 6002
  • Sky Blue – RAL 5015
  • Sand Yellow – RAL 1002
  • Tomato Red – RAL 3013

Topcoat 2000 can be used as a roller coat, self leveller or trowelled on and is included as part of the following systems – Topcoat Flake. Topcoat Antislip, Topcoat Quartz CE Labelling EN 13813 :2002

Essential Characteristics Performance Technical Specification
Flexural Strength >20N/mm2 EN 13813:2002
Wear Resistance AR2 EN 13813:2002
Bond Strength >1.5N/mm2 EN 13813:2002
Compressive Strength >45 N/mm2 EN 13813:2002
Impact Resistance IR4 EN 13813:2002
Shore D Hardness 76 DIN 53505

Health and Safety: Skin and eye contact should be avoided by use of suitable protective clothing such as gloves, goggles, apron etc. Use in well ventilated area. In the event of eye contact flush with water for 15 minutes and seek medical attention.